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Waff Mini Elite

Waff Mini Elite

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Waff® Mini Elite is designed for people of all ages with an athletic profile to use in activities ranging from balance training, muscle building, stretching and cardio training to muscle enhancement. posture, stability and mobility, coordination and endurance.

The Waff Mini Elite is made from a polyurethane base, which offers harder dynamic responsiveness than its entry-level sibling, the Waff Mini Classic.

Waff Mini Elite is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it a win-win for humans and the environment.

  • Space required 2m²
  • Diameter 36cm
  • Inflation time 30 seconds with the mouth.
  • Maximum weight 160 Kgs

The main benefits obtained from a medium Waff workout (30 minutes):

  • A global body work
  • An impact on the deep muscle chains
  • No pain or stress
  • Activation of the central nervous system.
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