Origin of the WAFF

The birth of a 3D innovation

  • Initially, what would later become the WAFF was a 3D structure designed to perfectly fit the human body. The three preferred body positions (lying, sitting, standing) had to be taken into account to provide space for spatial containment.

Expansion of the range and collaboration with healthcare professionals

  • Tests and developments: Promising results After testing different morphologies ranging from a baby to a very muscular athlete, the virtual 3D structure turned out to be spectacular. However, the realization in reality took time and required several attempts, until a suitable material was found: the inflatable.

  • Max size prototype: A name for the brand The first prototype, max size, was created to measure the impact on professional athletes during their recovery from exercise. Tests carried out at INSEP in Paris yielded a surprising result: when an athlete sat on his back on the prototype, he released a powerful blast that gave birth to the brand name, WAFF.

  • Logo and other prototypes: The diversity of sizes The shape of the W logo was designed based on the cutaway of the invention and took the form of a reclining man or a victorious champion. The other prototypes, WAFF Mini and WAFF Medium, were also developed and showed equally promising results.

Readjustment of the strategy following the withdrawal of the investor

  • Unfortunately, an investor withdrawal changed the initial plans.
    The investor's withdrawal changed initial plans, but it ultimately turned out to be an opportunity. We had to reassess our strategy and find new ways to promote and market WAFF.

  • We have extended our range to smaller sizes for home use and have also worked with healthcare professionals to expand the applications of our product in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Success of WAFF with consumers

These efforts have paid off and the WAFF has become a very popular product with many consumers. We are very happy to see our invention bring joy and relief to so many people.

We are proud of our journey and continue to work hard to further improve our product and expand its reach.