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Waff Medium Elite

Waff Medium Elite

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The Waff Medium Elite: transparency and performance

More than an innovative ergonomic cushion, the Waff Medium Elite offers a unique user experience

You can't do without it anymore. It accompanies you everywhere and all the time. In the office, in your living room, by your swimming pool, in your garden or in the middle of nature, etc. This nomadic tool, 95 cm in diameter, promises everyone to become better.

Stability and mobility, coordination, cardio, endurance, sheathing without being overweight... Optimal recruitment of the muscle chains of the upper and lower limbs is made possible by using a single tool.

This investment improves your overall fitness in the short term. You have the morale and the desire to surpass yourself in the long term! You no longer need to pay a monthly gym membership to see real, visible results. No more using a bunch of different machines during your workouts.

A single tool with a maximum of possibilities of use. This is the bet we made. Physical qualities, coordination, cardio...

Your well-being and your health are at the heart of our primary concerns.

It goes perfectly with your gentle gym sessions, yoga, stretching and your pilates classes. To try it is to adopt it !

Waff introduces permanent control over your body. Whatever your morphology and your starting level, this is the tool you need! With total control of your balance, you work all the muscle chains without overworking your joints or overloading them.

It allows an optimal reinforcement of the muscular chains and a proprioceptive work of a limb or part of a limb presenting a musculo-ligamentary fragility. One of the many advantages of the Waff Medium Elite: it inflates in just one minute. It also deflates very quickly.

You can position yourself in different ways on a waffle. Lying, sitting, standing, flexed vertically or horizontally. With better motor integration, cardio, flexibility, endurance, sheathing, proprioception become child's play.

After just a few sessions, your physical performance, coordination, cardio, endurance and dissociation are optimized. You feel the benefits of your workouts. This positive result encourages you to pursue your efforts with pleasure.

Your pugnacity is quickly rewarded because your body, with full muscle recruitment, is more flexible than before and your muscles are strengthened.

An optimized and effective tool, ideal for exponentially promoting: endurance, sheathing, proprioception, muscle building.

Follow the webinars offered by our experts and discover which champion lies dormant in you!

To go even further, follow the webinars adapted to your sporting level. It is your turn !

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