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Waff Mini Classic

Waff Mini Classic

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The Waff Mini Classic: accessible, practical and efficient!

Invented from 3D technologies and the anatomy of the human body, the Waff Mini allows optimal work of the muscle chains. For rehabilitation or preventive work, it will be your best health ally. It is for everyone.

The Waff Mini is a cloud of sweetness. It does not cause overuse of the joints or overload of weight on one or more parts of the body. This 36 cm diameter ergonomic cushion promotes overall work.

The Waff increases your physical qualities: coordination, cardio, endurance, sheathing, proprioception, muscle strengthening, balance, posture, etc.

Regarding physical preparation, rehabilitation, re-athletic training and postural correction, it is an optimized tool. Nomadic, ultra light, aesthetic and efficient, its shape reassures and soothes.

From the tip of the toes to the neck, all muscle chains can be called upon depending on how you use it.

Barefoot, eyes closed, standing, sitting or lying down, it develops your innate capacities and optimizes your future performance.
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