The Waff Mini, the solution for back pain

The Waff Mini is designed to relieve back pain and prevent recurrence. It helps you strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and perform back exercises to relieve pain. Easy to use and transport, it is suitable for all levels and all needs. Try it now for immediate relief.

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Back pain is a common problem that can affect many people's quality of life.

The causes can vary from scoliosis to osteoporosis, including herniated discs and low back pain. However, there are ways to relieve these pains and prevent their recurrence. The Waff Mini is one of them.

The Waff Mini is an innovative accessory designed to relieve back pain. It helps you maintain your balance, strengthen your flexibility and target deep muscles (core training) by performing back exercises. It is easy to use and transport, so it is perfect for beginners and experienced people alike.

With the Waff Mini you can relieve pain and prevent recurrences safely and effectively.


Relieve pain and prevent recurrences with Waff Mini

Back pain can be disabling. The Waff Mini is designed to relieve pain and prevent recurrences. Easy to use and carry, it helps you improve your balance, flexibility and muscle building by performing back exercises and core training.

Try it now for a safe and effective daily practice


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Waff Mini online courses are for you

Learn relaxation techniques, muscle strengthening and flexibility improvement exercises to relieve your pain and improve your posture. Suitable for beginners and practical at home, these courses will allow you to benefit from the benefits of using the Waff Mini for your physical and mental health. Boost your energy, improve your focus and sleep with these Waff Mini online courses.

Say goodbye to back pain in the office: 3 free lessons