Waff products, such as Waff Mini, Waff Medium and Waff Max, are muscle building and balance training tools that can be used by healthcare professionals and fitness trainers

The Waff Mini is ideal for patients with lower back pain or those new to muscle building. It is also convenient to use at home or on the go, and can easily be incorporated into physiotherapy or rehabilitation sessions.

The Waff Medium is a muscle building tool that can be used to strengthen deep muscles and improve flexibility. It is also suitable for patients with joint pain and sports injuries.

The Waff Mini Elite and Medium Elite are the most advanced products in the Waff range, and are designed for top athletes and people looking to achieve high physical performance goals.

They help strengthen deep muscles, improve balance and coordination, and increase muscle strength and power.

Waff products are also beneficial for mental health, helping to reduce stress and improve concentration. They can also help improve digestion, boost immunity and promote detoxification.

As healthcare professionals, physical therapists and physical trainers can use Waff products to help their patients achieve their health and physical performance goals.

Waff products are also tailored to the needs of seniors, pregnant women and children, making them even more versatile.


Offer high quality physical rehabilitation to your patients.

Waff products are designed to strengthen muscles, improve balance and flexibility, relieve stress and pain, and aid recovery after injury. By using the right products, healthcare professionals can help their patients achieve their recovery goals faster and more effectively. Waff products are an essential tool for any healthcare professional wishing to provide top quality physical rehabilitation.

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